The starting point is not design the starting point is sustainability

Sustainable urban design is a process whereby all the stakeholders work together through partnerships and effective participatory processes to integrate functional, environmental, and quality consideration to design, plan and manage the built environment.

We have infused a complete 360 degree approach that takes into account elements that are unique and quantifiable firsts in the market. We have imbued all our projects with water planning, rejuvenation and sustainability. Residents will get access to fresh produce grown within their communities – these will not be limited to just food, but would also encompass medicinal plants, fruits and nature’s bounties where practical.

From a design-building perspective we will ensure that all our development should provide financial rewards for building owners, operators, and occupants. Sustainable buildings typically have lower annual costs for energy, water, maintenance/repair, churn (reconfiguring space because of changing needs) and other operating expenses. These reduced costs do not have to come at the expense of higher first costs. Through integrated design and innovative use of sustainable materials and equipments, the first cost of a sustainable building can be the same as, or lower than, that of a traditional building. Some sustainable design features have higher first costs, but the payback period for the incremental investment often is short and the lifecycle cost typically lower than the cost of more traditional buildings.

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