Creating Sustainable
Living Spaces


We craft sustainable life-spaces that integrate architecture with natural elements achieving equilibrium in an urban built environment aligned to contemporary living, and an outlier in aspects of blending lifestyle with nature.


Our design approach is an amalgam of sustainable architecture with biophilia as a thematic influence to craft homes that are in union with nature and are aspirational in appeal.


The core of all our projects is rooted in planned ecosystems that promote better living, improved health, enriched wellbeing and an aura of composure. One that promises to recalibrate lifestyles for generations to come.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children


The word sustainability forms a part of every glossy brochure advertising yet another standard mass project but never follows up on delivering on even an iota of sustainability.

Real estate development across cities and even continents follows a simple matrix – space bounded by walls, a roof and a ceiling measured in square feet multiplied into different combinations and replicated over different levels and bundled with a slew of amenities that more often than not are – unnecessary and difficult to maintain At Tattvam we have worked hard and tried to break this mould of conventional living options.


What if we told you that it was possible to create an ecosystem that allows you to live in a truly sustainable environment built with practical non- polluting materials, breathing fresher air, drinking cleaner water, eating fresh organic fruits/vegetables grown in your project, revel in a fabulously finished luxurious aspirational home along with a host of other amenities and ideations that are the need of a modern lifestyle, and built respecting the environment.


Tattvam was incepted on the basis of introducing the singular concepts of biophilic, sustainable and ecological architecture into real estate. We formed our core team 3 years back and have since spent thousands of man hours brainstorming with experts in different spheres of ecological/sustainable architecture to understand whether we could imbibe these concepts into a practical real estate offering.

In these unpredictable times, one thing is for certain now, more than ever, enlightened SUSTAINABLE planning and urban design is essential to the continued health of our communities, our cities and the planet We believe in saying this simply –

“Not only adding years to your life, but also life to your years’’


We have incepted a new paradigm and facet of real estate development and seek to partner with land owners to create exceptional developments with significant value. We also engage with forward thinking architects, planners and environmentalists to form a perfect amalgam of responsible development.


We are what we do

“Courage combined with integrity is the foundation of character.”


We firmly believe in giving back to society and have underscored that by starting the “Tattvam Junior Tour” Tennis initiative which is a Tour of 12 National ranking events for the junior players. We also support many forward looking sustainability and greening studies.

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