Blazing new trails;
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paradigms in Real Estate

Quality of Living our beacon and lodestar

We meld out-of-the-box thinking with strategic vision which results in developments that are visionary, clutter breaking and ingenious.
However, delivering future oriented communities is not just about a single USP. It is about orchestrating a unique set of values. We do not adopt a cookie cutter approach. We choose our land carefully while ensuring that it meets stringent legal diligence standards.. We take immense pride in the fact that we are a financially prudent company which gives us the resolve to forge ahead with prescient plans. Our planning happens keeping the needs of the customer, integrating biophilic sustainable design into the community along with a slew of amenities that mirror present lifestyles.

The Shape of Life

Discover Balance

We craft sustainable life-spaces that integrate architecture with natural elements achieving equilibrium in an urban built environment aligned to contemporary living, and an outlier in aspects of blending lifestyle with nature.

Discover Design

Our design approach is an amalgam of sustainable architecture with biophilia as a thematic influence to craft homes that are in union with nature and are aspirational in appeal.

Discover Living

The core of all our projects is rooted in planned ecosystems that promote better living, improved health, enriched wellbeing and an aura of composure. One that promises to recalibrate lifestyles for generations to come.

Our Projects


Located off Sarjapur Road Woodsvale represents a bold and inspiring vision of delivering a community that breaks the conventional planning model.
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Nature Nxt

In the sequence of the universal evolution, space (akaash), air (vayu), fire (tejas), water (apa) and earth(prithvi) are the five elements of nature. At Naturenxt they all come together to deliver a lifestyle in harmony with nature.
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Future Developments

Future developments: North or south, Bangalore or Hyderabad, the core ethos of Tattvam is rooted in Sustainability. The drawing board is full and the enthusiasm is high to take forward the journey that began with WV, rooted in nature yet incorporating cutting edge technology. Tattvam endeavors to redefine and contribute to the paradigm shift on how ‘Realty’ should encompass ‘Reality’.

Our customers,
our brand ambassadors

My experience with Tattvam Ventures was above and beyond my expectations. They made everything so easy. Special thanks to Mr. Jayram for all the support he has provided during the loan processing and possession process. Thanks to him all went smoothly. I am
 very glad to be a part of the Woodsvale community.

Sandeep Kumar

Plot No. 183

It was a great journey from day one. The plot was handed over on time as promised. You have made a great effort to maintain the greenery in the Property. We are very happy to be
part of this venture. Thank you for all whoever supported us in this journey.

Plot No. 178

One approach from Tattvam that makes Woodsvale stand out is their conscious effort throughout the development to reduce carbon footprint & develop a sustainable community. We visited and analysed 50+ projects in the vicinity before taking the decision to invest here and we are proud to be part of such a beautiful community developed by
Tattvam. Needless to mention the welcoming & humble nature of all the staff & promoters is seriously out of the world.
Tapas Kabi

Plot No. 211

When we think about Woodsvale the first and most important thing that comes to both 
our minds is “sustainable living”. Woodsvale has always etched our hearts with its
greenery and sustainable planning which brings us closer to nature, and that’s what excited us and made us more inclined towards our decision to become Woodsvalians. Thanks to Shashank, Seetharaman Sir and Jayaram to build and keep the trust and also being available for all our queries.
Subhalakshmi Haribabu & Girish Natarajan

Plot No. 218

We loved the sustainability and green living concept. With a polyhouse, bio-pool, Miyawaki forest and a multitude of wonderful amenities.
Rajesh Singh

Product Manager, Sisyphus

Team Tattvam: Thought. Leaders

For us “God is in the details”.

Our team buries themselves in the nuances of sustainability, architecture and design. Our communities are borne from experienced minds bringing decades of knowledge to the fore blended with the best experts across the globe.

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