Forging new paths;
a new perspective in the realm
of real estate/ transforming
the landscape of real estate/ Rewriting/
Landscaping realty, one space at a time.

Quality of Living our beacon and lodestar

Delivering projects ahead of time, challenging status quos and rewriting the real estate development playbook. We are obsessive about innovation, deadlines, targets and quality.

At Tattvam we spell “different” as “happy customers”.

Located on the STRR and New NH 648

Plots Located off Sarjapur Road and spread across a lush 22 acres, Woodsvale represents a bold and inspiring vision of delivering a community that breaks the conventional planning model.

Our customers, our brand ambassadors

Why Nature is our Next

We believe that Nature is what Nurture us. This tenet will form the bulwark of our future projects.

Team Tattvam:Thought. Leaders

For us “God is in the details”.

Our team buries themselves in the nuances of sustainability, architecture and design. Our communities are borne from experienced minds bringing decades of knowledge to the fore blended with the best experts across the globe.

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