When I started my career in real estate I remember it was all about the brand. Buyers were brand set and were buying homes constructed only by well-known builders but today who cares about the brand. Now it is more to do with what type of a community the company builds and whether it delivers it within the stipulated time. Today what matters is an incomparable experience the customer gets from living in those communities that they have developed. They have switched brands off and they don’t care about what ‘values’ they have attached to it. They care about getting what they really want, will it be affordable and when will it be delivered. People have woken up to the fact that they do not have to put up with below par products delivered to them by so called branded developers.

According to me a buyer should have brand alertness and it should matter particularly when someone is investing his/her life time savings. The one very simple reason is there will be no duplicity with branded builders. Your money will be in safe hands and investment is secured, they are always transparent in their transactions. The established builder will always give you the comfort of trust; he will make sure that the community is not built on a disputed land and will provide all legal documents related to it. The community will be developed according to sanction plans and there will be no deviation to the approved plans unlike some small time builders. A well-known builder will always provide you the best of amenities for the community and will ensure the better quality across projects. It is better to invest with a brand who is consistently delivering projects in time. To a certain extent the buying decision gets influenced by offers and the discounts, but always keeps in mind that a branded builder will never compromise on any aspect and will always try to keep their standards high. Thus, don’t take any decision hastily and keep all these factors in mind before signing on the dotted line.

But if a new brand puts in you a same comfort zone with a competitive price then consider buying there.

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