Location is no doubt the priority for anyone while buying a home. This is the one crucial factor people don’t want to compromise. But the question arises here is which is a good location and which is a bad location? How do you determine it? Yes, buying in a location that offers a cushion of a very good infrastructure makes sense when it comes to values, but what if that’s far away from your kid’s school? What if that’s far from yours and your spouse’s work place? What would you do, will you go ahead and buy there or search for place which is close by to your kid’s school and both of your work places? No doubt a better property is all about a location but a better house is not in the location equation. Don’t buy a house thinking of a good or bad location but buy which is more convenient to your family and their needs. Please stop looking at the present status of the location and start giving importance to the future of it also. Just because a location today is good doesn’t give you a guarantee that it will remain good after five or ten years and alternatively a bad location today will not remain bad after five or ten years. In the city of Namma Bengaluru which has a great transport system in place there is no bad location as such particularly. In every nook and corner of the city you can avail bus, auto rickshaws and cabs. Bangalore is availing the benefits of the Metro urban transport system which will be game changer for the city.


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